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April 23, 2020 – part of my client letter:

I must admit that one of the things that I believe makes this crisis tougher than others is that we are being asked to manage it through distance from people we normally reach out to for guidance or comfort – or simply that one person who is willing to listen. Social distancing from our families, friends, colleagues and yes, even our advisors, can be tough. But I am certain we will overcome this crisis, as we have all the others – even if it means keeping six feet. It is important that we remain connected, even as we practice social distancing. That’s why you’ll be hearing regularly from me and my team while this volatility continues. This may be by phone, video conferencing or email.

Over the past few weeks, we have been working with many clients asking about relief options for financial hardships as a result of COVID-19.  As various individuals and companies are all dealing with this situation differently and are revisiting their approach daily, it has been difficult to communicate a clear and concise list of measures that are available to you.  I decided to prepare a summary for you in hopes, that you may find some useful information that may apply to your specific situation.  Please see a full list below.

As we watch the markets go up and down and read the increasingly negative headlines, it’s critical to understand that this is simply short-term noise when it comes to your financial position. Let’s not forget the work we did before getting to where we are now. We have long prepared for this possible event by making smart, responsible asset allocation decisions. We crafted a long-term plan and diversified your holdings for situations just like this.  I also want to highlight that this is a health crisis first and foremost. Given the strength of the economy before the crisis, some experts believe a recovery could be fairly fast and strong. No one knows for sure how long we might be in the current state, but I remain confident of where we will be in the future. I am monitoring the markets and your investments with great diligence to keep us well positioned for positive days ahead. Strong recoveries have followed all previous market downturns, and I am extremely confident that this time will be no different.

I like to think that the reason you hired me was to help during times like this. I am here to help you understand what is happening and why, and to share with you a calm, confident and informed outlook on this current crisis.

Please refer to CRA Website Summary for further details –


February 2019 – message to my clients;  I recently attended the 13th annual iA Securities Year Ahead Investment Conference in Toronto featuring some of the top investment minds from both within and outside of my organization.

The purpose of the event was to help attendees get a better sense of what we should be expecting from financial markets in 2019 by showcasing the differing viewpoints of more than 20 industry experts. The day featured some impressive talent, including iA Financial Group’s Chief Economist, Clément Gignac, and Brian Belski, who is the Chief Investment Strategist at BMO Capital Markets. We also heard from a number of prominent money managers, as well as Peter Norman, one of Canada’s leading experts on the residential housing market.

Some of my key takeaways of the day include the following:

  • While the idea that we are in a period of renewed volatility was prevalent throughout the event, there seemed to be a general amount of optimism about the markets for 2019.
  • The final quarter of 2018 was a difficult one for investors. Stock markets around the world slid by 10% or more, but significant dips from time to time are completely normal. The most important thing to remember when the market faces challenges is to remain disciplined.
  • Interest rates may continue to drift higher, but there is little expectation for a rapid upward spike.
  • There is very little evidence to suggest we will face a recession in 2019.
  • Political risks remain elevated, but the professional investors we heard from said there is little reason to stay on the sidelines for this reason.
  • Higher borrowing costs have put a dent into the willingness of Canadian homeowners to invest in renovations or to purchase bigger homes.

A consensus viewpoint at the conference was that the Trump administration remains a major variable, but conditions for corporate earnings growth and stock market appreciation are in place.

If you would like to hear more about the day and some of my key takeaways, please feel free to reach out to me.

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